Weekly Deep Dive

--- Jason Lloyd and Nate Pyfer ---

The Weekly Deep Dive is hosted by Jason Lloyd and Nate Pyfer and focuses on the Come Follow Me discussions from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jason and Nate strive to bring a unique perspective to the discussion and talking points that are not traditionally part of the material to supplement the various discussions throughout the year. The views presented in the podcast are not endorsed nor sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Brought to you by Jason Lloyd and Nate Pyfer of Weekly Deep Dive

Latest Episodes…

  1. D&C 63

    This episode dives into D&C 63. Nate introduces this episode with an interesting version of “Give Said the Little Stream,” as a tribute to primary. Jason takes a quick detour to go back to section 61 and examine the land cursed by God in the beginning and blessed by ...


  2. D&C 60 - 62

    D&C 60 – 62 opens with a reference to the parable of the talents and who better to take us on this journey than Nate? He’s been looking forward to getting to the heart of what this parable means and how it applies here in Doctrine and Covenants. ...


  3. D&C 58-59

    In D&C 58-59 we can see the Lord’s unique way of speaking. He uses double meaning and poetry and speaks in layers. His voice and style is recognizable at the start of D&C 58. It would be easy to blame God or think Joseph was a fallen prophet based on ...


  4. D&C 51 - 57

    Jason and Nate journey into the meaning of the center place. Along the way, they talk about the sacred center in Near Eastern and Greek religion. They explore paradise restored through the temple. Jason builds on the idea pointing out that any point is essentially the center of a sphere ...


  5. D&C 49 - 50

    Jason and Nate start by talking about the Shakers and then they look at why the Lord tends to favor the right hand verses his left hand when talking about favor. They visit the importance of always being ready and constantly repenting. It is interesting God says there are some ...