Weekly Deep Dive

--- Jason Lloyd and Nate Pyfer ---

The Weekly Deep Dive is hosted by Jason Lloyd and Nate Pyfer and focuses on the Come Follow Me discussions from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jason and Nate strive to bring a unique perspective to the discussion and talking points that are not traditionally part of the material to supplement the various discussions throughout the year. The views presented in the podcast are not endorsed nor sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. D&C 89 - 92

    Looking at D&C 89 – 92, Jason and Nate start off diving into the Word of Wisdom. The Word of Wisdom has changed over time in how the church has interpreted it. Jason and Nate try to understand what the Word of Wisdom really means and two big take-aways from ...


  2. D&C 88

    In this week’s dive into D&C 88, Jason and Nate examine the title, Lord of Sabaoth. Not Sabbath, Sabaoth. Next, they examine the phrase, alms of your prayers as a critical part of receiving the Second Comforter. Jason takes another look at light. This time, examining it’s life giving properties. ...


  3. D&C 85 - 87

    Before diving into D&C 85 – 87, Jason hits ministering of angels from D&C 84. Diving into this section, D&C 85 is the main focus. First, we see another example of the impact studying the scriptures had on Joseph Smith receiving revelation. We look at Ezra 2 and the impact ...


  4. D&C 84

    This dive through D&C 84 starts off asking the question, “how can God call a man who killed someone to be his prophet and law giver?” In addition, Moses and Nephi seem to follow parallel paths. Next, Jason and Nate examine the lineage of the priesthood. Unlike the line of ...


  5. D&C 81 - 83

    Before diving into D&C 81 – 83, Jason revisits the Testament of Adam. This is in reference to D&C 76 where God states that he will make men Gods. After that walk-through, Jason and Nate take us to section 81. Here we see an example of a talent taken from ...