Weekly Deep Dive

--- Jason Lloyd and Nate Pyfer ---

The Weekly Deep Dive is hosted by Jason Lloyd and Nate Pyfer and focuses on the Come Follow Me discussions from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jason and Nate strive to bring a unique perspective to the discussion and talking points that are not traditionally part of the material to supplement the various discussions throughout the year. The views presented in the podcast are not endorsed nor sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Brought to you by Jason Lloyd and Nate Pyfer of Weekly Deep Dive

Latest Episodes…

  1. D&C 46 - 48

    The majority of this episode focuses on spiritual gifts. While exploring why God gives his children spiritual gifts, we make comparisons with the Greek heroes, namely Perseus. We also journey into the word choice found in D&C 46. Along this path, we ask why the Lord uses the words ‘seduced’ ...


  2. D&C 45

    In this episode, Jason and Nate dive into D&C section 45 which covers a timeline of events for the second coming. Along the way, they detour into the meaning of names. In particular, the name of God and what Rumplestiltskin has to do with anything. They talk about signs in ...


  3. D&C 41 - 44

    In this Come Follow Me podcast episode, Jason and Nate take a look at the the Law of the Lord as revealed in Doctrine and Covenants section 42. The first part of includes instructions for missionary work and teaching by the spirit. The next part dives into commandments the Lord ...


  4. D&C 37 - 40

    In this Come Follow Me podcast episode we are covering Doctrine and Covenants 37 – 40. We start off by talking about Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible and the Lord’s direction to physically gather the saints. Then we move into the Lord’s introduction to himself in Doctrine and Covenants ...


  5. D&C 30 - 36

    Nate’s back! In this episode of the Weekly Deep Dive we take a look at at several shorter sections of Doctrine and Covenants delivered during the general conference of the church in September of 1830. The Lord provides some wise counsel to his missionaries. It feels like some common themes ...